Sunday, February 19, 2012

New widgets coming to Nokia Belle?

An interesting common signaling network in the past few hours to reflect on the possible extension of the set of widgets available in Nokia Belle, the latest release of the operating system for smartphones that Nokia, a few days, has also reached the previous device Symbian ^ 3 / Anna.The representation of additional widget would be contained in a small banner that leads to the site of the picture posted above you can see new widgets located in the home screen.

The original image attracts attention thanks to the various widgets in the home:
The widget would include an identifiable dedicated to maps , to a forecast , to a galleryand several widgets to manage social networks . In the last home on the right you can also see the widget dedicated to Skype .
It could be a simple creation of graphs that have made the banner or the actual expansion of the range of widgets available for the operating system Nokia Belle.
Recall that users have a device with hacks can already install the widgets that were present in previous builds fine with the packet that was distributed in recent days.
We hope that Nokia will offer the opportunity to expand the set of widgets also to those who can not or will not do the hack of the device.

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