Friday, February 24, 2012

(Homebrew) DFT releases Bluetooth file transfer utility for fully-unlocked phones

Finally, comes the first Windows Phone homebrew application that allows you to send and receive files via bluetooth device. Dark Forces Team (DFT) has just released the first version to the public.

The bad news is you'll need a fully-unlocked phone meaning dev and interop devices need not apply. That also limits this currently to Gen 1 devices

In this first version of course there are bugs, for example, if the send operation was canceled, the device saves the file already submitted or can not receive files without opening the bluetooth settings of the handset.

Application allows to receive files via Bluetooth or send files via Bluetooth.Also application include feature to auto install received REG RGU and XAP files.So you can send XAP file from PC to your phone and it will be installed at the end.Same with REG/RGU - you can send a file and it will be applied to registry. Note file must be in UNICODE format. ANSI files don't supported by application."
More info at XDA 

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