Friday, February 3, 2012

Google introduces Bouncer, a tool able to detect malicious code into applications

It feels more and more about viruses, trojans and malware in general circulating via infected applications in the Android system. In recent months the problem has become increasingly serious and even Google has taken its required actions by removing the offending application developers and blocking it frequently is not enough.
So here come directly from the Mountain View further solution in the form of software tools that will provide better control against this growing threat. It's called Bouncer and is a tool that automatically scans the code of each application before being loaded in the market.
The tool performs all operations in a few seconds in order not to delay the market entry process in any application and if you remove the developer will not have to worry about as Google itself will examine the code and determine the validity of the application.
This is certainly an important step and very mature for Android Market is often brought up for being too "open" to the world of developers leave out the necessary safety measures, which should now be guaranteed in the same respect and integrity.
Source GoogleMobBlog

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