Saturday, February 18, 2012

Confirmed: iPad 3 Has a 2048x1536 Retina Display

In the past few weeks have been numerous rumors on the technical characteristics of the iPad 3, from those relating to the display should have a much higher resolution than the current one. This figure, apparently, has been confirmed by a recent analysis of the microscope of a display which is attributed to iPad 3. The analysis would reveal a quantity of pixels twice that of the screen of iPad 2.
The curious thing is that the display screen in question is not one present or not real, but it is a display that is already sold as spare parts for the new iPad 3 from  about $ 122.

This display, which in fact seems to be precisely that of iPad 3, is characterized by a diagonal substantially unchanged compared to that of the current model and equal to 9.7 ".Observing under a microscope the screen, in fact, it can be noted a number of pixels doubled . It would therefore decrease from the current 1024 × 768 pixels to 2048 × 1536 pixels.

The image shown just compares the display of iPad 2 with that of iPad 3. A comparison is not easy given that the sample used in the test, being removed, not allowed to activate the backlight. Despite the difficulties, extrapolating from the image the same size as a cluster, you can see how the display of iPad 3 has a double number of pixels - each side - than the iPad 2. In other words, for a given size of the cluster in the display of iPad 2 are located 4 pixels, whereas in the area of iPad 3 16 pixels .
An 'other indiscretions that emerges from this display with a pixel density so high, as MacRumors points out also, relates to the CPU is called A6 Chip Quad-Core, the only one capable of "supporting" a display like that.
We recall that the official presentation of iPad 3, with the renewed Retina display should take place on March 7.

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