Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The sales of Android will soon exceed those of the PC?

Android is expanding rapidly as we know the world stage and after the constant comparisons with major operating systems in the mobile sector comes from a chart prepared analyst un'accreditato founder of ' Asymco that focuses on the downward spiral of the PC in favor of devices Apple and especially Android.
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The data span a period covering the last 36 years of sales of the computer industry, including the Commodore 64 and Amiga, giving us an idea of what are the proportions of the success of smartphones and tablets in the last decade show that ascending segments almost vertical.

In the last year we sold 227 million Android devices against Apple's 170 million and318 million units of Windows . To specify that the data are still lacking the last quarter of 2011, however, more or less evident that in 2012 the sales of the dear old PC or notebook that will be further eclipsed by Android mobile industry to do the lion's share.
Obviously there are PC and mobile systems, are two worlds apart and yet very far away.While PC sales will decline, there is no other system today able to offer that allows a PC to do. Android is extremely flexible, large and diverse. Collect powerful hardware and the latest generation of devices, but is now too small to be really used as a PC. So it is impossible even to think of replacing your home PC with a system with an Android or Apple Tablet in many aspects. At work of course is not even conceivable in the near future.
However the expansion of the mobile industry is also impacting on sales of "PC".

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