Friday, January 6, 2012

The real Galaxy Nexus White will not be completely white

As we mentioned earlier today, Samsung plans to commercialize new Galaxy Nexus also in white color. The widespread image on the net in the last few hours, however, is not exactly the one that shows the look of the device. The terminal would not be completely white, but characterized by the body "bi-color": black and white in the front rear.
The new renderings have been released by one of two shops that already had the device inserted in the catalog(Clove). The main difference between the old and new rendering concerns the front of the device that would remain dark. He makes his way, then the hypothesis that Samsung can follow a solution different from that adopted, for example, with the white version of the Samsung Galaxy S II (white front and rear).
For a careful analysis, rendering, released yesterday seemed a little 'more' traditional ', while those used by Clove seem to have been made ​​with the usual attention from Samsung. The reason is obvious: in fact render first used by the shop to introduce the device was not official and circulated on the net for a while 'time .
Please note that the white version of the Galaxy Nexus is to be released on February 6th in the UK (initially only available in 16 GB). You would have preferred that the two versions? "Full white" or bi-color?

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