Sunday, January 15, 2012

Razr Maxx: January 26, the first smartphone in the U.S. with 3300 mAh battery!

Motorola Razr Maxx  is thicker version of the Motorola Razr released at the end of 2011. A device that does not add anything different in hardware than the version available now, but that brings the highest capacity battery ever seen on a smartphone to date (original battery).
With a thickness of 8.99 mm and a weight of 145g, Razr Maxx is more bulky and heavier than the Razr sister, but still very thin and light when we consider the 3300 mAh batterythat has been inserted into the smartphone.
If we want to make a comparison with another device recently released, just think that the Galaxy Notes has a battery of "only" 2500 mAh, 800 mAh less than the Razr Maxx which has a smaller screen and lower resolution.
On balance the data declared by the house are very impressive and show 21 hours of continuous talk time and 380 hours standby time (15 days). Razr Maxx will be released January 26 in the U.S. for $ 299 with a two-year contract. Unfortunately there is no news for Europe though we are confident that many would be interested in a range similar, considering the quality of the product and Android 4.0 coming later this year.

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