Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nokia receives $ 250 million from Microsoft for the move to Windows Phone!

A few days after the official on the agreement "Nokia + Microsoft", many voices spoke of several billions of dollars into the coffers of the incoming Nokia by Microsoft . 

The immense amount of money was needed to help in the choice of Windows Phone Nokia, perhaps removing any agreement with Google for Android, and development of the same platform.

Today, months later, the quarterly results of Q4 of 2011 , these payments have finally made ​​official in the first quarter in which the Lumia 800 entered the market, Nokia has received from Microsoft $ 250 million (180 million euros).

Now if it was not specified in the next few quarters may be additional payments, but it is more than likely that Microsoft will continues to support Nokia. Recall, however, that the Finnish giant is forced to turn to pay the licenses for each Windows Phone product, a figure equal to about $27.

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