Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV will be announced on March 14th

After so much speculation, this time there is no doubt, Samsung on March 14th, probably in New York , will present its new Samsung Galaxy S IV , the successor to the award-winning Galaxy SIII that still sells in record numbers.
The Verge has also published more information about the event. First Samsung should not present a single device, but three, all from the same family.
Among the most likely devices that are to presented are the Galaxy S IV Mini and SmartWatch which has been much talked about in recent weeks.
The same sources also speak of the design of the next Galaxy S IV, like the Galaxy Note 8.0, which will be officially shown at Mobile World Congress next week.
The 8th Note, however, would not be identical to the leaked photos these days, but should present a new style that we have not yet had the opportunity to see.
Samsung has a clear desire to draw attention to its devices in order to steal undecided users to choose Samsung flagship as their the next top smartphone.

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