Monday, January 21, 2013

January 31st to be the official start of Windows Phone 7.8 update roll out

The long-awaited update to Windows Phone 7.8 seems finally about to be made ​​available for the Windows Phone 7.5 users.  Windows Phone Colombia , through its official Twitter and Facebook accounts. As you can read in the image below, the message clearly mentions the last day of January as the start date of the release of the update, which will continue, then, in the following weeks.

To strengthen the argument, other evidence had come last week from international telephone operators like Telstra  and O2 , who are refering end of January as date for the availability of updates, respecting the roadmap announced by Microsoft at the time, which stated that Windows Phone 7.8 would be released only after ' output devices on the market are equipped with Windows Phone 8. And if it is true that now the device with the new operating system are in the market for more than two months, it is also true that in many countries are coming only in recent weeks.
A few more days of patience, then, and we will finally have the opportunity to download the new firmware through Zune , not to mention that the process will continue until March, also according to the choices and policies of the various operators.

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