Tuesday, December 11, 2012

YouTube, Twitter and Instagram for Android are updated

During this time some of the most important applications in the Android world have undergone a software update: we are talking about YouTube , Twitter and Instagram .


Minor update for the application YouTube for Android , which introduces a few other changes and fixes some bugs that prevented her from turning properly on most devices. From the changelog on the official Google Play Store is learned that YouTube for Android have made ​​the following changes:
  • Modified and improved the interface for 10-inch tablet
  • Bug fixes for all devices

Below, if you have not downloaded or updated YouTube for Android to the new version, use the link and the QR Code below.


Unlike Youtube, updating Twitter for Android has led to an avalanche of innovations, ranging from the introduction of filters for photos to improve overall application performance. Here is the official changelog of the new Twitter update for Android:
  • You can choose between 8 different filters to give a new look to your photos
  • Opportunity to compare the various options in a convenient display grid or moving from one version to another
  • Ability to use the automatic brush to retouch lights and colors
  • Ability to crop and resize your photos to your liking
  • Many other improvements and fixes

In this case, if you have not yet downloaded Twitter, you can do so the following link and QR Code.


Finally, after YouTube and Twitter, Instagram receives an update but it is very similar to that of YouTube, that is very poor. The only change that was implemented in the new update application relates to devices with on board Android 2.2 and Android 2.3 , for which has been improved scrolling of the new feed.
Below you can find link and QR Code for the installation and / or upgrade Instagram app for Android.

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