Thursday, December 6, 2012

Qualcomm announces low-power NFC chips

The NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, although not yet fully exploited and used, is present and is expanding more and more on next-generation devices.
The current chips that are used for this wireless transmission technology for short-range, they require more energy and thus the battery life will be shortened a lot.
The Qualcomm Atheros , a subsidiary of Qualcomm , has intervened with the announcement of a new NFC chip, code-named QCA1990 , smaller size and requires much less energy, all for the benefit of battery life on devices that will implemented.

Of course, to make the first considerations will need to wait for the chip to be released on the market, so you can carefully consider all the promised benefits in terms of energy.
The QCA1990 NFC chip will be made ​​available to manufacturers in Q1 2013 and then it will take a bit of time so that you may see in action on the upcoming devices.

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