Thursday, December 20, 2012

Even cheaper Nexus 7 expected to be released in 1Q 2013

It seems that the much speculated $99 Nexus 7 really exists, and after the first shots taken with its front camera and posted on Picasa, details of his life come to us from DigiTimes.
According to DigiTimes source, the reduction in production costs may lead to a US$99 price tag for the tablet, with the help of China-based touch screen maker O-Film Tech, who will enter the supply chain.

Its working title is ME172V and will always be produced directly from Asus in collaboration with Google, a combination that has proved successful with the Nexus 7, while hardware features from first class but with prices never seen before.
Right on the side of prices, this ME172V should take another step forward and touched the $120 to $140 price at the launch but not excessively low as $ 99 which was mentioned a few weeks ago.
The tablet should already be presented at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas in January, which will probably also indicates the technical characteristics and the exit window, scheduled for early April.
Google and Asus should be able to produce initially 500 - 600 000 devices, then if the product had success are ready to produce other million units.

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