Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nokia leaks revealed Windows Phone 7.8 features

The issue, regarding the update to Windows Phone 7.8 for the current WP 7.5 smartphones has not yet been fully clarified, both in terms of the exact date of launch of the distribution, both for what concerns the features that will be introduced, beyond Start screen, already confirmed by Microsoft. 
Equally uncertain is the content of the update called to give new life to the line-up of Lumia first generation and the remaining WP 7.5 on the market. An internal document, apparently belonging to Nokia, could reveal more details about new features coming with WP 7.8 .
The information can be derived in the document would include:
  • The losck screen will be customizable with the information sent by some applications (a bit 'as with WP 8)
  • Internet Explorer 9 (and 10) will be updated with some new features related to safety
  • Will be introduced a new MP3 editor which allow you to create custom ringtones
  • The selection of the colors of the Live Tile will be expanded and will include 20 colors in total
  • Individual producers can further customize the software platform
  • Nokia introduce the function of sharing files via Bluetooth without DRM protection
  • Will be improved by the application "Contacts Transfer" and improved editor ringtones
  • In this information you must then add those already known which include:
  • The new WP8 rooms and Smarglass; Xbox Music 
But until official information is released by Microsoft, we all can  hope that, the update is released soon and big number of improvements brought by Windows Phone 8 will be included in WP7.8 update.
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