Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Apple and Samsung together have 99% of the profits in the mobile sector

According to a recent survey, Apple , Samsung and HTC are the three companies that produce smartphones and are profitable.
In particular, the results are amazing for Apple and Samsung , which together account for 99% of all profits in the mobile sector and HTC is distant 3rd with 1%.
As we know, the Samsung Galaxy family and in particular the Galaxy SIII , have enjoyed worldwide success and have been characterized by a strong sales, who has reached 30 million smartphones sold. 
More difficulties with regard to the "Apple" in the third quarter of the current year has had a decline of 60% but is expected to rise to another great success with the fifth generation of iPhone.
Returning to talk about the 1%, certainly does not take a genius to figure out who belongs to HTCThis is certainly not a result of the best, but at least the company can claim to be among the top three.

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