Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rumor - $ 99 Nexus Tablet could become a reality in December?

It seems that $99 tablet from Google could become a reality already this year according to analyst Richard Shym from DisplaySearch. It's so that a comeback rumors about the $99 Tablet will go in the production of which would be entrusted to Asus, who still denies any involvement, which was bounced in the web a few weeks ago. 
It is not excluded that in fact Google has partnered with another company keeping a secret project that some sites in these hours are associated with a Samsung tablet in collaboration with Google with particularly low price.
The fact is that to be able to enter the market a tablet at a similar price would further expand the use of Android tablets facilitating the purchase at a price that almost anyone could afford, covering all market considering the Nexus 7 currently sale and the partnership with Samsung for a high -ebd device with 10-inch display in production to counter iPad. We just have to wait for more news to confirm or disprove definitively this speculation.

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