Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Skype will soon activate video messages on all platforms

Update in sight for Skype on all platforms, with the expected version for Windows Phone that should finally make available the best of all services related to the application. According to rumors, the update should arrive, as expected, next month bringing a new feature that could really give an extra edge to Skype: we are talking about the ability to record video messages !
Leave messages to friends, relatives, lovers or colleagues could not be more pleasant than that, recording short videos via our webcam / camera and revolutionizing the concept of answering that we Italians have never digested fully.
Actually, Microsoft tried it already in his time introducing Windows Live Video Messagesservice that unclaimed particular success in 2010 probably due to a gradual disuse of the platform in favor of other more innovative. Now Slype is an integral part of the Redmond, valuing the opportunity to optimize as much as possible all the services and take advantage of video messages to add something new, in view of the debut of the renewed application on Windows Phone in Windows 8 Style UI on the Store.

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