Monday, September 24, 2012

Samsung has just started with rolling out the first official Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S III

It was a story that we were waiting for the first few weeks of October, fortunately comes a little ahead of schedule and now finally Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is available for Samsung Galaxy S3 (only NO- brand ), a real godsend, a version of Google's operating system that only those who have experienced it can understand how it has improved the user experience, with a great fluidity and speed that he had never seen before.
With this version you can probably say that Android has removed iOS, since it has reached the same fluidity but as you know has many more options than the OS from Apple.
Now its possible to install the update via OTA or via KIES. To install the upgrade via OTA just turn on Wi-Fi settings and verify that the update is available.
Here's the official changelog:
  • Better performance thanks to the Project Butter, faster and more fluid
  • Settings menu revised
  • 2 modes of homescreen
  • new notification bar
  • This S Notes instead of S Memo
  • Google Now
  • Video Pop-up play resizable

The first countries to receive Jelly Bean are: Italy, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, France, UK and Spain. currently available only in Poland, however, it would seem , however you can also try updating your device in case it was not possible will be a matter of hours or a maximum of days.
Finally we leave you with a video showing the S3 on board with the new version of Android:

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