Sunday, September 2, 2012

Amazon won't be releasing 10" tablet, two new 7" tablets coming at lower prices than the current Kindle Fire

The new generation of tablet Amazon will still be 7-inch and at lower prices than the Kindle Fire

In the past weeks we have repeatedly heard about a possible Kindle Fire 2 with 10" display, but it seems that Amazon according to the latest rumors still will choose to use 7" display for it's two new tablets.
That the family of Kindle tablet wants to widen this is now a fact and a Kindle Fire 2 fully upgraded hardware and a restyling of the first-generation model with some improvements are expected but both equipped with 7-inch display. The reasons should be to meet confirmation of this choice are to be found in the risk of bringing to market a solution that deviates too much from competition from Nexus 7 and an alleged iPad Mini will almost certainly adopt a lower diagonal respects to other models.

According to CNET, Amazon not only try to contain the size still focusing on two solutions with 7-inch display , but also the price will play a crucial role and may even be lower than the original Kindle Fire who is currently selling at $199.
September 6th conference will clarify all doubts about what Amazon is preparing for the tablet segment.

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