Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Windows Phone 8 Live Tiles will feature up to 9 different images

windows phone 8 live tile

From Mirego senior developer S├ębastien Lachance comes an interesting news about Windows Phone 8.The news is related to Live Tiles that make up the main screen on the Windows Phone devices. Directly through a video released on their own blog ,S├ębastien Lachance shows a twisting motion related to the LiveTile.
Each Tile, in fact will boast of nine different images, obviously connected to as many applications, thus shaping a true interactive menu and especially able to offer a considerable number of applications.
It remains to be seen how effectively the solution from Microsoft is actually usable and above all, is not due to excess consumption of the battery of your device or other technical complications. This new introduction from Microsoft still holds a very special verve to the operating system and gives a different view from the classic menu raging flows of various mobile operating systems.

Windows Phone 8 amazes us every day with new details, certainly welcome as the ability to customize ringtones and enabling the voice dictation system .

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