Friday, August 10, 2012

New firmware 111.40.805 for Nokia N8 sighted on Navifirm

Navifirm is the ideal source to discover the new firmware coming for the Nokia devices. And today on the server that contains all the firmware and final test of the devices made by Nokia appeared new update for Nokia N8 .The firmware 111.40.805 for the ever-present camera phone was the terminus in Navifirm and has already been installed by some users who have begun to highlight the first innovations introduced and confirmed at the same time, that it is not of the expected update to Nokia Belle Refresh.
The firmware introduces mainly the marginal changes that are substantiated in a new widget and the integration of Microsoft Apps. No change on the browser and the task switcher, which remain those of the current version.However encouraging is to see that something is moving with regard to software support for the Nokia N8. 

As is known, this model did not receive the Belle FP1 update, but thanks to Belle Refresh probably is going to receive equally diverse functions of the software that equips Nokia Belle devices of recent production, starting with the Nokia 808 PureView.

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  1. I have this new Nokia N8 for one week now, i can only say it's really the best Nokia device i have ever got!!Even swich off its just a pleasure to hold it's beautiful aluminium case in the hand!! and swich on just a pleasure to navigate in the menus.The camera part is really the best, it takes really amazing quality pictures with a professional look with nice depth of field in close subjects and confortable wide angle for landscapes...
    Really people who can still think that Iphone4 can be compared are mad!! The Nokia N8 have so much features to offer more that compared to the N8 an Iphone4 looks like for kids!!
    sCheers, @Melody from DC Adapter