Thursday, July 5, 2012

Qualcomm launches challenge to Nvidia for the next Windows RT devices, will be better and thinner!

Qualcomm is there still standing after absorbing the blow from the partnership between Microsoft and Nvidia ready to counter attack, ensuring the best performance for the next device with Windows RT. As we know, in fact, Redmond has decided to adopt the famous SoC Tegra 3 for the ARM version of Surface, an affront difficult to digest for Qualcomm, aware of the strength and quality that distinguishes the new Snapdragon solution S4, both dual-core that the upcoming quad-core.
At the conference for developers known as Uplinq, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, so he seized the opportunity to launch these statements, certain that the Windows device RT based on their hardware will be lighter, thinner, high-performance, more "respectful" autonomy and able to work at lower temperatures. Jacobs has also ensured that the devices with Windows RT and Snapdragon SoC will be immediately available on the market soon will be the debut of the OS.

The same Qualcomm CEO said he was glad of the attention the release of Windows 8 is attracting, as developers are primarily focused on iPhone OS and Android at the moment. His hope is that the series Snapdragon SoC may be adopted in all the platforms where this a Windows system, so as to facilitate the creation of applications with no special restrictions and to this end has been called a Windows RT app developers contest.

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