Saturday, July 28, 2012

Overview of the main features of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 thanks to the emulator (screenshot)

Windows Phone 8

Some of the main features of the new Windows Phone Release 8 are already known, but thanks to the recent release of the SDK Developer Preview and on the emulator, it was possible to view some screenshots for a quick peek at what will be the peculiar feature of the next operating system Microsoft.
One of the applications that will debut exclusively on Windows Phone is the mobile browser,Internet Explorer 10, which comes with support for HTML 5 and a menu of tools clear and easy to use: we have, in fact, the ability to use the location bar to add the pages in favorites, update or open new ones (click on image to enlarge).

Also interesting is the new lockscreen for Windows Phone 8, with several customization options available, from the view that the artist is playing in the player and immediately usable by applications targeted Swype.
As expected, we will have a profound integration of some software, like the suite Office complete with Word , Excel ,PowerPoint , and One Note should be available as a standalone application and if a similar push to OneNote MX view of Windows 8.

For the continuous monitoring of traffic data input and output of the device we have the new Windows Phone Data Sense , a remake of the Smart Data that allows us to know precisely the number of megabytes downloaded in 3G/4G wireless or Wi-Fi.

On the next release 8.0 will be also possible to customize the font size and contrast levels to be displayed, with options of text to speech immediately available and can unlock the phone with the ​​voice alone.

As we know, Nokia Maps will be present by default on any Windows Phone, with an interesting option for downloading data and then use them offline, here are the screenshots:

Also renewed photo editor with the ability to perform all major adjustments and cropping in different formats prescribed. Now you can select multiple images at once from the gallery.

Another feature directly accessible via a simple Swype is the news from Bing , with information on events, exhibitions and film programming near the place where we are.
Interesting features, as is the entire release of Windows Phone 8.0, which is confirmed as a true change of gear for the Redmond company, a strong software extremely easy to use, complete in all sectors and joined in unreleased devices with hardware on top of all current Windows Phone (multicore chips, NFC, microSD support).

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