Monday, July 30, 2012

iPhone 5 - The first photos and video of the alleged final assembled product

iphone 5 new photos

We are approaching the long awaited presentation of the new iPhone 5 and are becoming more pressing rumors are confirmed in the new photos on the new smartphone created by the Cupertino based company.These new shots come from iLab Factory, a site for repairs and also on the internet at this time is available video, you can see by reading the whole article on the shell of the new iPhone 5. Some online sites are also unbalancing the date of submission of a new product that could be September 12, about a week after the end of the IFA in which Samsung will introduce probably the new Galaxy Note 2 .
Apart from a few weeks now separate us from the presentation and marketing of the new Apple product, what matters now is to note the new shots and video of the final product, which does not differ much from the current aesthetic line, but there are changes however in many of its parts. Seems to confirm the presence of the front camera in the center and the new connector, which would also have the larger speakers.
If the continuation of the line so far proposed, renewed and improved in this new generation of iPhone could also enjoy, we would expect a significant improvement of the software, now stalled for too long made the first release, though it hardly comes as that iOS 6 is now a reality. Apple has innovated and given a decisive boost to the sector with its first iPhone, so an improved aesthetic of iPhone 5 (hopefully also in a significant reduction in weight) and a renewal of the interface, would undoubtedly Apple to remain at the top among the world's sales of smartphones.

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