Monday, June 4, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Metalic Blue - New color coming?

Well few hours ago appeared video of a particular Galaxy S3 which would have a new color different from white and Pebble Blue that we are accustomed seeing. 
The chromatic variant is described as Blue Metallic  and would be very similar to nuances and characteristics to the known Pebble Blue, but in fact is darker and tending to graphite and not to blue. 
It really is not very clear whether this is a new color or simply a change to the previous problems was the subject of the painting. Blue Pebble also has the same color play very different depending on how the light strikes the body of the phone and when it is difficult to know whether this is really a new color, a variant of the fact that it replaces the Pebble Blue version  or even a prototype. 
Anyway the video is below:

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