Friday, June 15, 2012

Rumor - Galaxy Note 2: Jelly Bean,flexible screen and 12 megapxel camera

Imagine obviously does not cost anything and as long as the rumors and news circulating on the network are taken with due caution, we can also assume very curious features.They come new speculations on the alleged fact Galaxy Note 2 that may come in autumn renewing the hardware of the current model to one year after the first, as often happens. After seeing the Galaxy S3 you could expect a similar hardware even if probably the 2GB of RAM and maybe could not fail to reach even to 1.8Ghz Exynos 5212 Dual Core processor.
To this is added, however, a new speculation concerning the one hand the operating system that could be Jelly Bean, on the other a new type of screen. Obviously, as it is easy to deduce, these are mere fantasies based on probable hypotheses. Jelly Bean could be presented at the upcoming Google I / O and get right with the new Nexus 7-inch Tablet or in 1 year after the debut of ICS. In the first case, Note 2 could also come out with Android 4.1, the second alternative is to exclude.

With regard to the screen, there is even talk of flexible display without, however, specify the shape of the hypothetical product. The theme of the flexible screen once again comes to fashion because it is one of the most anticipated innovation and Samsung has announced that it is imminent and arriving between 2012 and 2013. Speculating on Notes 2 and the flexible screen does not cost hardly anything even if we make the realistic assumption.
When Samsung will create products with special screens, probably launch a new range of products with different names yet. Do not just have to wait developments and see if something concrete and more realistic emerge in the coming months.

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