Monday, June 11, 2012

Intel says: Android is not ready for multi-core processors

The world's largest maker of microprocessors, Intel has made ​​some very interesting statements about the architecture of recent smartphones and tablet modern.
According to the American giant Android is a great operating system but is not yet ready to embrace processors consist of multiple cores.

The CPU usage with this structure, as well as not to bring tangible benefits , would result in reduced performance and excessive fuel consumption.
These statements were made after extensive testing conducted by Intel engineers, who are approaching a bit of time with Google operating system, seeing that the single-core solutions make this system better from all points of view.
Maybe that's why Intel is starting to market Android smartphone with single core solutions which, in their opinion, would enable significant energy savings for the same performance. Of course, such statements relate to future operating system Android, which, if properly optimized, can benefit from finding real solutions with multiple cores.
"I've taken a look at the multi-core implementations in the market, and frankly, in a thermal and / or power constrained environment - what has-been Implemented - It Is not Obvious to me, you really get the advantage for the size and the cost of What's Going Into that part. The way it's Implemented right now, Android does not make as effective use of multiple cores as it could, and I think - frankly - some of this work done by the vendors Could Be who created the SoC, but They Have not bothered to just do it.-Mike Bell, GM of Intel's Mobile and Communications Group

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