Wednesday, June 13, 2012

HTC - Good marketing strategy, better results in the second half of 2012

Peter Chou has recently returned to reassure investors by confirming the validity of the current business strategy and promising better financial results during the second half of the year. The CEO of HTC has released the reassuring statements just mentioned at the annual meeting with shareholders that was held yesterday in Taoyuan (Taiwan).Remember that HTC in early June has touched down sales forecasts for the second quarter , following a demand from the new HTC One line below expectations in the European market and the  block imports in the USA. The negative period, according to recent statements by Chou, should cease in the second half of 2012.
Chou asked time and confidence to investors from HTC:
"The company's strategy and direction is correct, we need a bit more time" 
"The direction and strategy of the company is correct, we need a little more 'time' 
It 's always the CEO of HTC, which identifies a useful resource for ending the crisis in emerging markets:
"Emerging Markets Such as India and China are very good opportunities for us as we are planning to release models That Are Suited to Those Who are using a smartphone for the first time"
"Emerging markets like India and China account for us good opportunities since we plan to construct models suitable for those who use a smartphone for the first time "
HTC has already demonstrated during 2012 to focus on emerging markets, releasing the entry-level devices distributed by the three major Chinese operators . This is definitely interesting device in anticipation of a possible marketing in Europe, with the ability to manage two SIM cards simultaneously.
Reassurance to Peter Chou were added those of the current president of HTC, Cher Wang has reconfirmed the commitment to overcome the great challenges that lie ahead on the horizon to return to being competitive.
Signs of recovery should be detectable as early as the second half of 2012 according to company management.

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