Monday, May 14, 2012

Tizen OS supports Android applications (Video)

Tizen , the open source operating system based on Linux that will focus on a comprehensive support for HTML5  is a work in growth and development although it is far from a definitive form continues thanks to the collaboration of Intel and Samsung with the support of Linux Foundation, the undisputed giants in a position to influence the market, Samsung has already shown that the specific number of devices based on OS Tizen during the recent "Tizen developer conference."
A few months ago was released the development kit SDK 1.0 but the problem princpale is currently focused on making the operating system attractive for developers to create a park applications that can come into competition with the major mobile OS.
To facilitate the growth of the system, the company Open Mobile has developed a solution called ACL (Application compatibility layer) that promises to be able to run Android applications in emulation of OS Tizen, posting a video on this matter where you look at the use of ' Native Facebook app for Android on a tablet called ExoPC , previously seen in the last MWC 2012.
Despite the fluidity of the application is noticeably low, we can see that actually being performed, leaving large openings about the optimization of a system that could prove interesting. ACL will be able, thanks to a modified kernel, to run according to developers, Android applications like a natively compatible device, combining strong performance with HTML5. It remains to be seen how Samsung will push in this direction in a market largely dominated by iPhone OS and Android to avoid the same disappointing Meego results.

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