Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PAC-MAN Kart Rally arrives on Windows Phone and is the first Xbox Live wireless multiplayer game

Another new game on Xbox Live for owners of Windows Phone. This week the title presented to the store for Microsoft's video game stars a real milestone in the history of video games, that is none other than Pac-Man. 
In reality, however, this time the cute yellow ball-eating ghosts back in a form different from the usual one: Pac-Man Rally Kart , in fact, is a racing game in go-kart on the style of famous titles such as Mario Kart.

The game, developed by Namco Bandai, is also the first title for the series to Xbox Live multiplayer wireless support . In particular, you can challenge their opponents using a local WiFi connection .
Following the tradition of other similar games, PAC-MAN Kart Rally draws freely to characters and typical characteristics of 'mythology videogame' Namco: four different locations so the game (dedicated to Pac-Man, Ghost, and Dig Dug Katamari ) with three circuits each, which adds a new circuit exclusively developed for Windows Phone, for a total of 13 .
Also available in 10 different characters to play with, and a host of different power-ups. Too bad for the price a bit high at $ 4.99.

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