Friday, May 11, 2012

Nokia 311 and 305 - Leaked photos of the new S40 full touch devices

Recently on the internet appeared pictures of the new Nokia 311 and Nokia 305 , two S40 series phones characterized with full touch interface.This feature is new to Nokia S40 devices,since they always  resorted to more traditional input devices based on physical keys. 
The touchscreen UI could use a suitably modified version of the S40 platform based on the gesture system that was described in the user manual of the Nokia 306 that we have seen it recently as well. As you can see from the photos in the begging the only two physical buttons on the front seem to be the ones to open and close calls and  the rest is all touch screen display. 

The photos are not able to reveal further details about technical specifications, but the news on the new full touch S40 device should not be delayed too long. The ideal date would be represented by the event set for May 15th by Nokia in Pakistan . An event in which the company will introduce new devices to reach the coveted goal of the "Next Billion" users connected worldwide with smartphones and feature phones.
The evolved S40 phones will have the task of regaining the lost market share from Nokia in Asia. As was the case with recent Asha device which, although designed for emerging markets some of the phones will probably arrive in Europe too.
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