Thursday, May 24, 2012

Apple continues to evaluate stylus integration on the iPhone and the iPad

The Cupertino company continues to explore the possibility of integrating the capacitive pen in his iDevice as evidenced by two recent patents covering specific technologies of interaction between the stylus and touch screen interface with . We underscore this timely to avoid confusion, exchanging idea really "innovative" (if it was not that it could not be patented) with an idea, that of the capacitive pen, extensively tested and integrated into products already on the market (Galaxy Note). 
USTPO today has granted  two patents to Apple in the U.S.  : one concerns the optical stylus, the other one with haptic support feedback.
The optical version (see picture at the opening), as the name suggests, has a room located at the tip that "reads" the touch screen by detecting pixels with a particular format or other types of markers are invisible to the naked eye.
The second type of stylus patented is equipped with an actuator which generates the vibration and a receiver that receives the commands related to the vibration from the transmitter located in the frame of iPad:

Applications for recognition of the just mentioned patent dates back to 2010, while the publication of the documentation that confirms the assignment of patents occurred in the day today.
Obviously the fact that Apple wants to protect some projects related to the use of the stylus does not confirm that will soon be marketed with the iPhone and iPad accessories described.It is true that the use of the stylus, after a long militancy with old PDA with resistive touch screens, recently returned to the spotlight thanks to convincing revisiting the accessory made by Samsung with the Galaxy Note before and HTC FlyerUnderstandable that Apple can control the integration of an accessory in some usage scenarios it may prove very useful.
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