Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III, 5-line interface and the physical Home button?

While many hope that the new top range Samsung smartphone may have the buttons integrated into the screen as the Galaxy nexus.In other hand Samsung has always been very conservative in his choices. The back button is always positioned opposite to the competition and virtually all Galaxy smartphones have a physical center button. According  to ddaily the  next Galaxy S3 will keep the physically  middle button,a choice that seems to have been debated at length and that might look like the image posted above.
A conservative choice and certainly not everyone might like it, although a physical key is often very useful to activate the screen from standby. In addition to this the new Touch Wiz has been confirmed, always from the same source, and should have 5 buttons in the toolbar of the home as the Galaxy notes with a stronger resolution. It will also be revisited and updated over the current version found on the S2 and N7000.
Samsung continues to keep the secret of this device and when it is difficult to speculate on the concrete appearance, shapes, sizes and specifications.

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