Monday, April 30, 2012

Opera Mini reaches 169 million users and continues to grow

Opera continues to grow, although the browser is unable to keep up with "big" in the desktop (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari), in the mobile world grows every day in a head to head with Apple and Google .
Opera has released new data showing the breakdown between desktop and mobile users in countries where it operates.
The study analyzed twelve months and found that 56% of Opera users access from mobile devices. Going down in detail in the data of different countries, mobile use is very strong in Egypt, Bangladesh and Brazil, respectively, with 72, 69 and 65%. Similar data you have in the U.S. that is still above average with his 59%.
According to the survey Opera users are younger than the average for other browsers and 35% of these buy music and games on the move.
Speaking of growth, instead of the 168.8 million users OperaMini achieved in these days show a +64% over the previous month. Speaking in terms of page views the share has reached 117 billion pages, an increase of almost 100% from last year and +8.1% compared to February.

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