Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Image of Galaxy S III leaked

If the picture yesterday of the new Galaxy S3 has been around the world and it seemed the most realistic shows to date, it must be said that nothing can confirm that this really is an official photo. The article and the comments we have stressed several times how that image might not fully reflect the features of the new device. Now comes yet another picture that seems to change the cards on the boards. In reality, the image we see in the opening article, while interesting, seems less credible than the previous year and in the absence of the bar of notification and the lack of clarity, not be excluded that it is a work of photoshop-based perhaps on a render or Galaxy Note.
The photo appeared on reddit and as always is offered with technical information and more or less reliable. According to the source, S3 would be able to select the touch wiz or customizing Android to clean. Option certainly interesting but it does not seem very realistic.Samsung has always differentiated its products with launcher, programs and icons of various kinds and a net shift in our view it is very difficult.
So this new image we do not consider particularly reliable, or still less than the previous year, while waiting to get new information, perhaps officers.

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