Wednesday, February 15, 2012

icloud: over 100 million users!

During his appearance at a conference of investors and analysts of Technology, organized by Goldman Sachs, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke of a number of topics, but has raised some eyebrows when he said that icloud, launched in October, is now used by 100 million users.
The last time Cook had spoken numbers icloud, during the quarterly conference call on January 24, said he had little more than 85 million users.
Only after three weeks, the data indicate that enrollment in icloud is proceeding with an average of five million per week. Part of this data is of course by people who just buy new Macs or upgrade to Lion. The majority of new enrollments for free is driven by buyers IOS, thanks mainly to the period in which Apple sold one million iPhone OS devices on average every 18 hours.
Cook indicates both Siri and icloud as "profound innovations" that continue to fuel the company's strategy for the next decade or more. He also told how Steve Jobs had positioned the Mac as the "center of the digital hub" in the first decade of the 21 st century. So, icloud turns the whole idea of ​​digital pole.Once I started using icloud, "your life will be much easier", or so says Cook.

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