Saturday, February 18, 2012

HTC Sensation Gets Android 4.0/Sense 4.0 From The HTC Endeavour/One X RUU

This ROM is a port of the leaked RUU for the HTC Endeavour and boy it didn’t take long did it. Coming from a joint effort involving a whole host of developers and spearheaded by TripNRaVeR the HTC Sensation is being treated to an exclusive look for the user who are rooted and ready to flash a custom ROM. Android 4.0 and as well as Sense 4.0 is here for you all to flash now.
Here is what currently is known to be working and not to be working.
What works:
  • 3G, WiFi
  • Calls, SMS
  • GPS
  • Sounds
What does not:
  • MMS
  • Bluetooth
  • Video playback
  • YouTube
  • Camera
  • Home, Sense 4.0 lockscreen and keyboard available (being resized because of the resolution of 720p HTC Endeavor)
You must realise as well that this is a developer preview ROM, it has bugs and it maybe quite slow, remember the development and help from others will continue to bring the HTC Sensation with this ROM along to getting you the users what you want. To check out more details then you can go to HTC Hub where they have also put together a video and detailed the working of the ROM in hand.

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