Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Belle update for Nokia 500 is now operational!!!

Finally some good news for the  Nokia 500 owners.The Nokia Belle software update Nokia promised last week is now available! 
The Belle update for Nokia 500 It will be released in phases, country by country as soon as each relevant variant of the latest Symbian software is available. So the schedule will vary according to where you live and which network operator you are with.
The majority of Belle enhancements will be available for the Nokia 500 including new features such as HD video recording at 30 frames per second and a visually improved browser enabling high-quality Web video viewing.
Menus have been simplified and a notifications bar has been added to make accessing key settings or features, very fast. And a new larger live widgets display puts what’s really important to you on the homescreen.
This version of Belle has been specifically tailored to match Nokia 500’s hardware performance. You can personalize your Nokia 500 with up to four home screens leaving all your favourite applications and services only a few taps away.
You will also get Nokia Maps version 3.06. As Nokia 500 doesn’t support an FM transmitter or widget, you can use Nokia Music instead.
Get Nokia Belle on your Nokia 500 via Nokia Suite. For a step-by-step download tutorial, there’s a video available that tells you everything you need to know.
Check the availability for your Nokia 500 in your country at Nokia support pages.
You can also see if Nokia Belle is available for your Nokia 500 by connecting your phone to Nokia Suite via USB. Software updates will be prompted to you.

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