Friday, February 24, 2012

Apple acquires Chomp app search engine to enhance App Store

Apple continues its bying spree and after having acquired Anobit , the Israeli company manufacturing flash memory, chose the search engine developed by Chompas an additional resource to improve the performance of the ecosystem services that revolve around the iDevice. It is believed that the acquisition will be finalized to improve the tools of research applications in the App Store.

The cost of the operation has not yet been announced, but the goals seem to be quite clear: the App Store has more limited search capabilities than those offered by Chomp, which can be accessed either via the  web version , or through a ' appropriate application developed for the Android device marketed by Verizion.
With Chomp can easily identify the applications for free daily proposals, applications 'feeder' of the moment, the most ever sold, the most popular on Twitter and those introduced more recently.
And 'argument holds that, following the acquisition of Chomp, similar functions can be integrated directly in the App Store. Do not yet know the fate of the website and the Android client as a result of the acquisition. Awaiting more details about it, it seems that the leaders of Chomp have already started working for Cupertino: the two former CEOs Ben Keighran and Cathy Edwards, respectively, have become a member of the marketing team of iTunes and Senior Engineer of iTunes.

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