Thursday, January 5, 2012

RIM will license BlackBerry 10, HTC and Samsung among stakeholders?

The black period for RIM continues  but the company seems to want to keep persisting. After the rumors about the possibility of dismissing the two CEOs now comes the news that the BlackBerry 10 may be licensed to other manufacturers.

Sacrificing the hardware division to save the software seems to be RIM's plan appears to be in talks with manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC.

The rumor is to be taken with the tongs as both Samsung and HTC have already in the catalog Android and Windows Phone, as well as one for the Samsung Bada. The manufacturer of the Galaxy S2, however, could abandon Windows Phone the end of 2012 and, if this rumor were true, the BlackBerry 10 may be adopted by Samsung.

We'll see how the situation will evolve and if the rumors are denied or confirmed.

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