Monday, January 16, 2012

GameSaver Alpha: First steps for saving progress in games(Android)

One of the questions that often we read and one doubts that many users who are constantly changing updates to its smart phone, covers the ability to save game progress made on the device. For those who loves to play with your smartphone or tablet, you can find the backups made with hours of play even when changing or updating the ROM device is very important.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the saved data are not restored, even in case of backup or moving entire folders. One problem to which there seems to be a complete solution that varies depending on the game, the Roma and the device. Now comes a project, still in Alpha stage, which seeks to eliminate the problem at its root, creating a real saving of the game's progress: the application is called Alpha GameSaver.

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GameSaver Alpha is currently only compatible with a few games, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope, but it is a project still in development, it is not inconceivable that can bring important new features in the coming months and support a large number of other titles. 

Maybe not  Nadav Fima , developer of the app, create a universal system, but the idea of this application may be picked up by others and possibly become an integral part of many games that can make up your progress.  We hope that we can move something in this direction so you can save, in a practical and fast, their advancement game.


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