Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nielsen: Android sales leader in the States yet, but iPhone OS has done better in Q4

The famous American rating company Nielsen has just released the data on sales of smartphones in the period from October to December 2011.
The results are certainly positive for Android , which has exceeded 50% of the share at the expense of RIM and other systems, with only the IOS to 37% off best results, however, that obtains partial narrowing the gap.
The excellent results of IOS is most likely to be motivated because the output of ' iPhone 4Soccurred right at the beginning of the quarter in question. Apple's growth has been so important in heads-up Christmas seems to be able to compare favorably with Android that actually loses about 14% in Q4.
The excellent sales of the iPhone 4 have undoubtedly affected some sales of Android. The user has chosen Apple has not bought Android, the first competitor on the market, and the new 4s continues to be the best selling smartphone on its own. The struggle is therefore still in full and no one was defeated. What will happen in 2012?

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