Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MIUI available for Android 4.0.3 Nexus Galaxy version almost perfect

Good news for those who just can not do without the famous MIUI ROM . The latest version based on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich was in fact brought on Galaxy Nexus and what we can read the change log seems almost fully functional. In fact, there are no major problems and the whole UI, the connectivity and the system will move and work properly.
Not having tried at the time, we still can not rule out minor bugs. But it's a great news and if you Google Experience was bored, you can always try the endless customization of MIUI ROM always on Android ICS.

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What works:
  • Calls
  • Call audio in and out
  • 3G and 4G Date Confirmed works and work are properly registered and Being Displayed!
  • Internal storage
  • External storage  (as MTP Mounting to a PC and now all operating systems with Linux as it Should display every folder on Linux before it Showed only DCIM and Pictures)
  • SMS messages work!!
  • MMS messages work!!
  • ADB works
  • ADB remount
  • WiFi (Fix from sonicxml! Thank you for hitting me up little dude!)
  • Softkeys (Now cooked in)
  • Superuser  (Superuser is again fixed in this build!)
  • Room
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS (Works perfect and locks Immediately)
  • Market  (Market Any problems with flash and right after you reboot the phone it says error and it will be fine ounces)
  • Video Playback  (Sketchy)
  • USB Tether
  • WiFi Tether  (Possibly Broke final works but USB)
  • No more squishy dialers!  (Thanks to Nazgul)
  • Creating folders
  • Adding apps to folders
  • Resizing Widgets
  • Contacts (Fixed up no more force closes thanks to Nazgul!)
  • Video Recording (Officially working)
  • Video Playback (Officially reports and working it plays 1080P videos!)
  • Netflix

Google VideosAll apps MIUI resized to proper size now (Big thanks to my right hand as Sonic!)
What's Broke:

Themes (This Is Because We need to start making themers themes for our device) - Somewhat working to get themes to create folder named "theme" (no quotation marks) in / data / system using something like root explorer. Then you can apply themes. If you get over your whole screen giant softkeys, to do battery pull, restart, and You Should be good to go.

ViciousMIUI Galaxy Nexus-edition
           Direct Download: http://developer.clo ...

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