Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Microsoft challenges users at CES 2012: $ 100 for those who will be able to beat the speed of Windows Phone

Ben Rudolph, senior manager at Microsoft, on the site windowsteamblog has published an article where he invites all those who think they have a smartphone faster than Windows Phone at CES 2012 to take part in a challenge against a subscriber's terminal.

Ben Rudolph knows the power of Windows Phone and its immediate accessibility and ease of use. In this regard, Ben Rudolph challenge anyone thinking of having a smartphone faster, in terms of performance of daily tasks that we perform to our device, Windows Phone. As written in his article, is willing to bet $ 100, money that will of his own pocket.

Do you think your phone is up to the challenge? "Ben Rudolph will stand at CES Microsoft today and tomorrow to challenge all who are present. Videos will be posted on the page of the challenges Microsoft Facebook .

The following rules apply:
  • No operation is initiated, it will be decided at the time the operations to be carried out jointly
  • Same network connection for a fair challenge
  • For participants "losers" there will be surprises
  • Windows phone users are not allowed :)

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