Thursday, January 19, 2012

Licensing Windows Phone: ZTE pays between 23 and $ 30 for each Tania

Never before Windows Phone has been subject to doubts and contradictions: while many argue that 2012 is the year of Microsoft's mobile industry, others are convinced that the rosy forecasts will be denied.In this climate of uncertainty, a smartphone make you a bet for producers, often costly not only for the costs of research and development but also for the cost of the license for Windows Phone.

ZTE takes away our curiosity about the price of such "toll" Santiago Sierra, manager of ZTE UK, it communicates that the manufacturer pays between 23 and $ 30 for each Tania.At the launch of new smartphones in London, ZTE reveals why there is a budget established for the development of Windows smartphones: the high licensing costs will inevitably have an impact on the consumer and which makes it difficult to remain in company guidelines device from making good quality / price ratio.

Perhaps ZTE expects the results of Tania to find out if and how much to invest in further developments.Android, free of licensing costs, may allow producers to take more risks even if many devices are subject to taxation Google because of Redmond's patents.
The outing ZTE is not only important for us to know the cost of the license for Windows Phone, but also because it is the first time a producer breaks the smoky curtain of silence and tells us about these charges. Microsoft will take any action on this?

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