Friday, December 30, 2011

HTC Sensation: MIUI custom ROM with Windows Phone 7 style theme

Please note an interesting custom ROM for HTC Sensation dedicated to lovers of Windows Phone Metro UI .Now you have user interface of Windows Phone Metro UI and in the same time the flexibility and freedom offered by the Android operating system. The ROM, recently released, using a theme MIUI clearly inspired by Windows Phone 7 .Let's assume that in the Android Market there are several solutions to try as we might see the HTC Sensation with the user interface of Windows Phone 7. 

Main features are:

  • Based on MIUI ROM (12/01/23)
  • All apps are fully zipaligned deodexed
  • Added useful applications (Titanium Backup ROM managers, etc..)
  • Animation CRT
  • Some applications have been removed
  • Calculator with the theme of the TouchWiz

In addition the developer has added additional content that can be downloaded later as a different color themes and keyboard of Windows Phone 7.

To download the ROM and other information, please click here

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