Friday, May 18, 2012

Sony Xperia - Lots of accessories coming with new partnership initialed by Sony

The Sony Xperia smartphones are facing increasingly attention from the Android fans thanks to the good combination of performance, design and affordability. Sony seems seriously committed to offering the best support to customers who have chosen to grant trust, not only by providing a detailed road map for software updates, but also taking care of the elements of "boundary" represented by dedicated tools. Sony has recently signed agreements with leading manufacturers of accessories for mobile devices, thanks to whom the Xperia owners will have a wide choice of housing and other customized accesorries.
The producers who will make dedicated accessories for Sony Xperia range will be Casemate, AGF, Incipio, Krusell, Dicota, Copter, Muvit, Roxfit, and Orbyx Shinnorie . These producers will begin to announce the first products designed for the Japanese manufacturer of terminals since mid-May. The new accessories, as well as protect the device will be able to enhance even more the design of terminals for Xperia already very much characterized by Sony.

If the amount of accessories can be viewed as an indicator of the success of a product, it may be assumed that the new Sony Xperia smartphone have what it takes to capture their target audience of admirers in the crowded landscape of Android smartphones.
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