Thursday, May 31, 2012

Intel's Medfield to conquer China with Lenovo LePhone K800

After having chosen India as sales region for Lava Xolo X900 , Intel is time to land in China and comes after several previews and insights for the Lenovo K800 LePhone  time to come out. First Intel-based smartphones arrive on the Asian market, announced at the last CES 2012, we find the interesting cpu onboard Intel Atom dual-core 1.6 Ghz, not unheard of results in different benchmarks. For K800, Lenovo chose a nice 4.5 inch IPS display, equipped with 1GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory and a rear camera 8 MPXl.

Lenovo has shipped the first units to various chain stores in the area revealing the price that was unheard of until today and set at 3,299 RMB exchange rate which corresponds to about $ 520. In Europe is expected in the coming days, the third Intel smartphone Santa Clara Orange which should be unveiled right in the next few hours.

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