Saturday, January 21, 2012

Summary of the challenge launched by Microsoft at CES 2012, 88% of wins for Windows Phone

Ben Rudolph, senior manager of Microsoft, at CES 2012 had issued a challenge to present performance and ease of use of smartphones.Ben Rudolph, knowing the power of Windows Phone and its immediate accessibility and ease of use, at CES 2012 has wanted to challenge the present and several smartphones based on non Windows Phone. 

The challenge, as we have seen announcedpreviously provided to program in concert with the challenger of the operations to be performed with the terminals and who finished first shared victory. If the challengers win the victory, Ben Rudolph gave them $ 100 if lost while in return receiving a prize of "consolation" that could also be a Windows Phone. Of the 34 challenges, 

Windows Phone has made the following verdicts:
  • 30 wins
  • 3 losses
  • 1 draw
Here is a video that summarizes what happened at CES regarding this aspect:

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